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It’s A New Year: Tips To Prepare For Your Next Eye Exam

You may think getting an eye exam simply requires you to read a few lines on the eye chart, but it’s important to take advantage of each and every visit to your optometrist.

For the average person, you only see your optometrist once or twice a year. In that time, we want to answer your questions and address your concerns. Here are some easy tips that will help you maximize your time with your eye care provider and make the most out of your visits.

Make A Checklist Of Questions And Concerns

It’s easy to forget about all the questions you’ve had about your vision health since your last visit. Making a checklist or note beforehand of things you’d like to ask us or talk to us about can help you remember! For example, has your vision changed since your last visit? Have you been experiencing blurry vision, flashes of light, poor night vision or double vision? Let us know–we’re here to help!

Keep Us Updated

You’ve probably heard the expression, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” But did you know that the eyes are windows to your body’s overall health? This is why it is important that your optometrist knows your complete medical history.

Alert your eye care provider if you are pregnant or have been diagnosed with diabetes or other illnesses since your last visit. Inform them of any new medications you are taking. Certain illnesses and medications can increase your risk of vision-related problems and disease. The more your optometrist knows about your health, the more personalized your care will be.

Connect With Us On Social Media

We try to provide you with relevant and easily accessible information on our social media platforms so that you can be informed about both your vision health and our services. Like us on Facebook to learn more. Your relationship is important to us!

Thank You!

We can’t say it enough… Thank you, valued patients and friends! We love seeing you healthy and happy!